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About Us

Improve The Dream is a youth-led organization that supports, empowers, and advocates for young immigrants, who have grown up in the United States as child dependents of visa holders, through engagement, education, resources, and research. Since 2017, we have been raising awareness for the over 200,000 Documented Dreamers who have face aging out of the immigration system. Our parents brought us here at an average age of 5, and we have been living here for an average time of over 12 years, but due to various issues in the immigration system, we don't have a clear path to citizenship. We are advocating for change that permanently ends "aging-out" and provides a path to citizenship for every child who grows up in the United States, regardless of status. We hope to have an opportunity to stay and contribute in the United States, as over 99% of affected individuals pursue higher education, of which 87% are pursuing or have completed education in a STEM field (Improve The Dream Survey).

Vision: Everyone who grows up in the United States has a clear opportunity to become an American citizen, pursue their passions, and fully contribute to our country.

Mission: We strive to connect and strengthen a national community of young people to improve the journey in navigating the immigration system for themselves and their families, while advocating for a permanent end to aging-out policies.


Please visit FAQs for further explanations and questions.

Join Us

1. Take Action and Subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on legislation and actions you can take.

2. If you are a Documented Dreamer: Take this Survey to join our slack group.


Our advocacy community provides an opportunity to help raise awareness with others in a similar situation as yourself and also provide a platform to navigate the immigration system as a dependent or aged-out individual.



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