Meet Documented Dreamers


"My parents brought me and my siblings to the US from South Korea when I was just ten months old."

"I feel American and I grew up just like my American friends around me. I only wish that I could also have the same opportunities as them."


"Any casual observer watching me live my life wouldn’t notice any differences between my life and any other American student’s"

"Even though the entirety of my life has been in the States, I don’t know if I have a future in this country."


"In the spring of 2000, not long after I turned a year old, my young and ambitious parents moved to Florida"

When I turned 21, I had to leave my family, friends, and unfinished college degree to go to a country where I only spent the first year of my life." 


"When I was 8 months old, I took a life changing flight from India to the Boston Airport. It was the beginning of my life in America—the only life I’ve ever known."

"I hope one day I can truly call the only country I’ve ever known “home.”


"In 2002, my parents, under an E2 visa, decided to move to America from Colombia in hopes of providing my brother and me a better future."

"Despite my complete cultural assimilation, I could not be more detached from American citizenship"


" All I’m looking for is security. All my life, that seemed like it was too much to ask."

"I hope this country will treat all children, documented or undocumented, who grew up here equally."

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