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Summer's Story

In the spring of 2000, not long after I turned a year old, my young and ambitious parents moved to Englewood, Florida from Ludgershall, England. My parents were granted an E2 visa in order for my dad to own and operate a property management company.  

As an E2 dependent, I grew up in Englewood, Florida. I went through all American schooling, volunteered in my local community, played school and club sports, and created impactful relationships with friends and community members.  

After high school, I earned an academic and athletic scholarship to attend Southeastern University. At SEU I enrolled in a 4+1 Exceptional Student Education undergraduate and master’s combination program and began my collegiate soccer career. Throughout college I also attended a local church, volunteered in my church nursery, volunteered in outreach events with my soccer team, coached youth soccer, and created meaningful relationships with friends and community members. 

I turned 21 at the end of my Junior year, meaning I could no longer be an E2 dependent. I had to leave the only place I knew and go back to my home country. I had to leave my family, friends, and unfinished college degree to go to a country where I only spent the first year of my life, searching for a way to come home again.  

I am very fortunate to have obtained an F1 student visa in the summer of 2020. I have been temporarily reunited with my family and friends and am also continuing my academic and athletic collegiate career.  


Although I will am currently back in the United States, my future here is not promised. There continues to be so many uncertainties as my visa expires this summer and there are very limited opportunities available that would allow me to continue to live in the United States.


I want to dream, but I need Congress' help.

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