From Parent and Supporters

Dear Senator,


My name is                                        and I am writing to you as a constituent who would benefit from your support as a cosponsor of S.2753, America's Children Act.


America's Children Act will permanently protect the children of long-term visa holders ("Documented Dreamers" from aging-out of the system and facing self-deportation when they turn 21. 


                                                           is one of the 200,000 Documented Dreamers facing self-deportation from the only home they have ever known. 



Many Documented Dreamers are STEM graduates and essential workers, and a recent analysis by the Cato Institute estimates over a $30 billion net economic loss to the U.S. if they have to self-deport.


I sincerely urge the Senator to co-sponsor S.2753, America’s Children Act and to ensure that all future solutions for Dreamers also include children who grew up here with a documented status if they meet all criteria except the requirement of being undocumented.


Thank you,

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