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From Friends and Supporters

Dear Senator,

My name is                                        and I am writing to you as a constituent who would benefit from your support as a cosponsor of the bipartisan America’s Children Act, HR. 3442 and S. 1667, and ensuring that bipartisan age-out protections are included in any end-of-the-year bill.

Maintaining our nation’s competitive advantage is essential to national security. Currently, we are forcing American-raised legal immigrant children, who have been educated here, to leave the country due to a flaw in our system. This does not make sense. Over 200,000 children of long-term visa holders who have maintained legal status living in the United States and have received advanced American degrees are unable to stay and contribute to the only country they’ve known. This issue has broad bipartisan support.





Allowing children of long-term visa holders, who are essentially American, to stay, will help our communities. Not fixing this is only hurting our country and the economy as the majority of these individuals are STEM graduates.


I sincerely urge you to cosponsor S. 1667/HR. 3442, and ensure the inclusion of age-out protections for young immigrants in any end of the year bill.

Thank you,

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